New releases have been queued and are planned to be done somewhere in mid-april or may this year!

Prepare yourselves for these bad boys:

[FUKK-006] ROTHEADS “Sewer Fiends” (MC)

The great debut album from romanian oldschool deathmetallers will be up on tape soon. Great mix of Death Metal and some Thrash influences creates a great piece of over 40 minutes of dirty and disturbing music for fans of AUTOPSY, OBITUARY or UNLEASHED. Pro-tape will be limited to 150 hand-numbered copies of which first 30 come in a limited slime-green transparent case!

[FUKK-007] BASTÄRD “From The Dark Ages” (CD)

Released in conspiracy with Grotesque Sounds and Hell Productions, this new album of russian BASTÄRD is a total worship for First Wave Of Black Metal in vein of such legends as VENOM or BATHORY. CD will be limited to 500 copies worldwide!

Additionally, we’re also in the process of making shape-cut, woven TØRONTO patches (100 pieces) [photo to be added soon!]

That’s all for now, we’ll be back to You when any of these are already available! FUKK OFF AND DIE!!!


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