New Releases (September/October/November 2018)

New FUKK releases are out now!

MOLOCH LETALIS “Krwawy Sztorm” cassette & EMPHERIS/PAGANFIRE “The Necropulsar Execution” split tape.

MOLOCH LETALIS “Krwawy Sztorm” (MC)

Tape edition of newest album made by polish Underground veterans. “Krwawy Sztorm” delivers 9 satanic, raw and hateful anthems filled with blasphemy and anger. Black / Death Metal in characteristic MOLOCH LETALIS style, mixed with some thrashing riffs to make every single track cut like an axe of executioner!

Pro tape limited to 159 hand-numbered copies, 15 red cassettes, 15 transparent grey cassettes and 129 standard black shells. Every copy comes with “Krwawy Sztorm” 25mm button.

EMPHERIS / PAGANFIRE “The Necropulsar Execution” (MC)

Split release gathering 2 experienced and well known Underground hordes. Polish EMPHERIS delivers the highest quality Necrothrash, consisting of razorblade sharp thrashy riffs combined with more Black Metal’ish “ritual” parts and atmosphere. On the other side, PAGANFIRE from Philipines strikes deadly with their trademark violent Thrash Metal in vein of great US bands like DEMOLITION HAMMER or MORBID SAINT, mixing their type of Thrash with classical southamerican style. Both sides recorded live during band rehearsals and released on tape limited to 100 copies only! Get it now or cry later!!!

BESTIALITY “Endless Human Void” tape will be out in early November ’18. Follow the news on our website or official Facebook!


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