Finally, some T-shirts available in FUKKING DISTRO. This update mostly contains of them, but we added some lost leftover stuff as well:   1. NECRÖMANZER “Satan’s Cannon” (T-Shirt) 2. ZATRATA “Demo” (T-Shirt) 3. ROT “Messiah […]

New Releases (September/October/November 2018)

New FUKK releases are out now! MOLOCH LETALIS “Krwawy Sztorm” cassette & EMPHERIS/PAGANFIRE “The Necropulsar Execution” split tape. MOLOCH LETALIS “Krwawy Sztorm” (MC) Tape edition of newest album made by polish Underground veterans. “Krwawy Sztorm” […]

NECRÖMANZER “Satan’s Cannon” coming soon!

Debut demo tape from poland’s satanic rock’n’rollers from NECRÖMANZER will be unleashed 02.06.2018! “Satan’s Cannon” is short but deadly, consisting of 4 dirty songs, highly inspired by mighty HELLHAMMER and CELTIC FROST (containing a cover of […]


FUKKING DISTRO UPDATE!!! We’ve got some nice packages delivered. Inside them we found some tapes for you all! 1. ARAGON “Torn By The Devil” (MC) 2. CORPSE GARDEN “IAO 269” (MC) 3. HELL’S CORONATION “Antichristian […]